Highest quality with care to mother nature


2020. The year of a fresh start.

Hello, nice to meet you, we are Koen and Eliza, a young couple who founded Brazilianbotanicals.com back in 2020. And we are glad to welcome you here in our cozy, as Dutch people say “gezellig”, space.

2020 – a year of great change for everyone. It also affected us. We got time to stop and think, to plan the future, a time to rest and find our place in the World. After several months of searching, we decided to start fresh, to start new. We decided to present the gifts of mother nature to all people, who would like to go green in their everyday life.

That’s why we established Brazilianbotanicals. A source of amazing botanicals product, that we hope will bring joy to you and better outcomes to the environment.

Providing quality since 2020

Our Chá is imported from Brazil. We have direct access to the source of the Brazilian plants, thanks to the long-term established relations with Brazilian farmers, whom we proudly call Friends. Their hard and inspiring work aims at the sustainability of the plants’ cultivation without losing any precious qualities of each. Carefully treating the fruit of their labor, we make sure that our customers receive the highest quality possible. Our plants are unprocessed and quality tested, without any chemical additives.

Core Values

At Brazilianbotanicals.com we believe in treating nature and people as one. Sustainability for us is one of the most important factors of production because we would like to enjoy the gits of mother nature without doing any harm.

The relations between people are important, it’s influencing the overall experience and we would like to have a joyful environment around us and our products. Positive vibrations are giving an extra pinch, like the love of your parent is giving extra taste to a homemade pie. Everyone is to be treated with friendliness and respect.

We do our work with passion. It’s such a simple, but amazing thing that makes it so much easier to overcome any obstacles and technical issues, leave all the bad things behind, and think positively.

Our Community

We hope that our work will bring together people who think the same. And eventually, together with our cherished farmers and customers, we would like to found a community with common values.

At Brazilianbotaniclas.com we offer an unparalleled service for the existing customers and if you are only starting your eco-friendly path and would like to know more about the products of Brazil. That’s why satisfaction guarantee and continuous support are so important for you and for us. Everyone deserves to receive comprehensive information, that can form further positive experiences.

If you have any questions regarding the products or website, any thoughts you feel like sharing, please, contact us at [email protected]. Also, we are glad to hear any relevant feedback, that will help us to improve the services!